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Does your car, while driving, pull to the left or right side?  Are you experiencing unusual vibration? Are tread of your Tyre wearing unevenly?

If so, you may need to have your wheels aligned. Driving on extremely bumpy roads, through potholes, or hitting curbs can affect your wheel alignment. Proper wheel alignment can expand the life of your tires. Even the smallest alignment issue can accelerate uneven tire wear. Once your wheels are properly aligned, it’s smooth cruising ahead, saving you fuel, tire wear, and money.

United Tyre Sales Service can set your vehicle straight again with a quality wheel alignment & wheel balancing service at the reasonable rates.

Call us or book an appointment to fix the problem. Our team of expert technicians will leave you delighted.

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” We don’t just ‘balance’ wheels. We ensure higher driving safety & longer life of your car tyres “

“At United Tyres, we work to delight our customers with unmatched services & products”